JavaScript is a multiparadigm lightweight, interpreted, or just-in-time, prototype-based, compiled programming language.

Today we are going to learn JavaScript by answering the most frequently asked question in interviews.

1. What’s the difference between undefined and null in JavaScript?

→ In JavaScript Null means an empty or non-existent value. Null is assigned and explicitly means nothing. Null is an assignable value…

Currently, I am learning to react js. I saw that on each tutorial I’m clarifying an identical arrangement of ideas again and again. I feel those ideas are fundamental in the event that you might want to “know to React”. In case you’re during a center of learning it right…

“Javascript is an asynchronous, single-threaded and non-blocking language which uses some tools like a call stack, an event loop, a callback queue and some other APIs for concurrency”. All JavaScript code is generated within the call stack. now, what is a call stack?A call stack is used to keep track…

In Javascript, arrays are list-like objects and they are special variable that is used to store different elements. It contains some built-in properties and methods. Using built-in properties and methods we can manipulate the data inside an array. For example, we can add, remove, slice, iterate data following our needs.

Shahnewaz Tameem

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